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    In protest of an opposing player using the N-word — and not being disciplined immediately — the San Diego Loyal soccer club has forfeited the point it won Wednesday for its 1-1 tie with Los Angeles Galaxy II.


    The world is so woke anymore, you can hear the toilet flush every time someone decides another might just shed a tear over anything. Folks is literally following the lead to stupid at every turn that they no longer know how to think or feel for themselves. You are told how to feel and criticized when you don't immediately tow the line. Step out of line and a uhaul is right around the corner to full shame you on the points of woke.

    There's so much woke, it has its own thread. There's a sad fucking existance out there for far too many. You are either woke or a target. The line has been drawn and the shitshow is everywhere.
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    sports should be a free speech area, you should be able to talk shit, say anything you want.
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