What's for lunch?

Discussion in 'Good Eats' started by LSUGradin99, Jul 2, 2007.

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    i like to think that I (much like everyone else) am a BBQ expert, but the best pulled pork sandwich i ever had in my life was at the airport in Atlanta while running to catch a connector. i had never had slaw on pulled pork before and i thought it was amazing.... i'm sure being half starved to death helped, but it was really good...
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    Charlotte airport has a good BBQ stand in it it too. Cole slaw on chopped pork is the proper BBQ sandwich BTW. Add a little vinegar based sauce and enjoy.
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    I'll take one. Hold the cole slaw.
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    @mctiger Do us a favor and ban him. It's the SOS in every thread that none of us can read. Thanks
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    I work mostly from home post pandemic and i've settled on a real goto lunch that i always look forward to, never get tired of even though it's leftovers 4/5 days.

    It's just a meatloaf that i start Monday about 10ish. Takes about 15mins to prepare and start cooking.

    - 1 lb ground beef - i buy grass fed full range
    - 1 diced yellow onion
    - 1 diced bell pepper - if around
    - 1 diced poblano pepper - if i didnt forget
    - 1 can Hot Rotel
    - 5 eggs (figure i'm getting about an egg a day at least).
    - a little tabasco
    - tablespoon of minced garlic

    Mix by hand, put in meat loaf glass loaf pan. Cover top in foil. (i also put in on top of a flat pan with foil in case in bubbles over a bit.) Cook about 1.5 hrs @ ~420F.
    Let sit to cool 30 min. I'll have with either a little rice, or red beans. Good for about 5 lunchs. I'm not religious about the ingredients or temp 400F+. I experiment a bit.

    It checks the at home lunch box so well i shared it ;)
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