Turkey carving for idiots

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by HeadsUp, Oct 19, 2018.

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    We've got a bipartisan uproar demanding investigations and sanctions over a non-citizen raghead reporter apparently sliced and diced in a foreign country. I hate to do it but to quote the leader of liberal irrelevance - "What difference does it make?" Oh, sweet Jesus, where are you now Hillary? Probably busy second-rinsing Bill's shirts and ties, poor thing. Tammy Wynette was such a rookie.

    I'm getting old and live far removed from any bright lights but I have two daughters just out of college and I am more than concerned about what they might face if the insanity that prevails in this country continues. We already have bad guys and now we've got illegal immigrants everywhere and we allow sanctuary to the worst of the lot. Illegals have killed some our innocent citizens and our representatives are bucking for camera time about a violation of our values to someone in a foreign country. Seriously?

    It's a bad thing that Mr.Khassogi was killed but what the fuck does why, how or who did it have to do with my or your rights, employment, taxes, retirement, healthcare, safety, etc, etc. C'mon lottery, Tahiti is waiting.

    God bless the veterans rolling in their graves. Maybe Elizabeth Warren can turn it around with a revelation that she was born in Istanbul.
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    Pocahonkey to the rescue ....
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    Now that's funny there...I'm going to steal it.
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    This is a story because a journalist was hacked to death because of his opposition to the Crown Prince's practices. Journalists protect their own and Turkey is not letting this go. They have spy audio and possibly video of what happened and they are pressing the Saudis.

    This is about money and the future development of Saudi Arabia. Prince MBS is trying to diversify the Saudi oil based economy and it is going to take Western investment. many of his actions are below board. Basically, he is removing opposition in the govt, wealthy families, and journalists.

    Now major Western investors like Richard Branson are pulling their money out over this. I guarantee you Trump has a piece of this pie and he is trying to diffuse the situation. The King is now stepping in to fix what the Prince did.

    You are right. It has nothing to do with the game tonight or going to work on Monday, but generally, nothing in the news does.
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