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    So let's start from the top.

    This all started with a whiny and spoiled bitch boy (one that I really liked when he played at Nevada because I won a lot of money betting on them) that just has no clue about the way shit actually works in the real world.

    He decided to set aside his NFL career to be an activist and I'm okay with that. I think he was pissing up a rope because at the end of the day almost all of the things he was bitching about stemmed from a black kid breaking the law in one form or another. We will address this later.

    So he starts this kneeling shit during the anthem. While I don't like it, it is well within his rights according to 1a and hey, rock out with your cock out kap .

    Trouble is, lots of people took it the wrong way which is exactly what happens when you use something sacred to make your point. The focus is shifted away from the point and onto the object of which you chose to use as your vehicle. Idiots.

    This in turn affected the $$ for the NFL and by God we can't have that so they have to do something about it. So what is it they do? They enact what I feel is an even more egregious violation of 1a by saying they "have" to show respect to the flag or stay in the locker room.

    I get it, the NFL can set their own policy but I was not aware that policy could override a constitutional right! If they want to piss at mid field during the anthem I say let em. They then suffer the consequences the same as punks that break the law.

    Mind your own business, keep your hands to yourself and the police won't fuck with you. That is the message Kap should be putting out, not seeing how many NFL owners he can piss off.
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    really nice post,.. couple of comments

    I think Kaepernick and Trump are less than genuine when it comes to their part in all this, actually, I think both are nothing more than media sluts, both of those turds are used to being in the spotlight, their mindset is to be the center of attention, and they crave more,.. the fuckers, I resent very much having their crap brought into my sports world.

    All of this shit was stirred up by two assholes with impure motives. Kaepernick, eff him, I don't care,.. but as President, Trump could have resolved this, should of tried anyhow, instead he purposely inflamed the issue, just to make political hay.

    Shane, our Constitutional rights protect us from the government only. For example, when we arrive at work, we leave our Constitutional rights at the door. We have little or no guaranteed rights in the workplace, certainly not freedom of speech,..
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    The rule doesn't override a constitutional right. Any player still has the legal right to disrespect the flag or not as he sees fit. They won't be thrown in jail for it. But the owners have the right to not employ any player who might in their view disrupts team harmony or whatever terminology they want. Every workplace has it's rules. How long would you keep your job it you started spouting opinions that alienated the company's customers? If an owner thinks that signing a player might alienate their fanbase and cause a hit on the bottom line they are withing their rights to Kaepernick him. Kaepernick is good enough to at least be a backup for somebody and maybe start for a team that desperate for a QB. There was talk at the beginning of the season that the Dolphins had an interest in him. But the idiot posted a picture of himself on Instagram wearing a Fidel Castro T shirt. He would have to be better than Tom Brady to be worth having him in Miami.
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    That’s not always the case though with the police. That works for us white folk at a much higher rate than it does for black people, now mind your own business, keep your hands the yourself and you have a better chance of surviving a police encounter, that makes sense.

    The rest of it though I agree with you.
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    I disagree with the very idea that someone gets to decide for someone else what the appropriate level of respect/patriotism/whatever is.

    I watch football to see fast, strong men do fast, strong things. What they do during the Star Spangled Banner before kickoff means jack shit to me.

    It was also never, ever about the military. The whole, "My daddy risked his life for that flag!!!!" mentality never made sense to me. It's not related.

    My favorite part of the last NFL season: Some fans in every stadium were booing the players who were kneeling. They were so upset at the lack of respect for the anthem/flag, that they booed.....during the anthem. That tells you all you need to know about the intellectual operating level of some football fans.
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    Yeah it was about his pig socks and Fidel shirt.

    Kaep is getting his just desert (sic). Oh yeah don't fuck nobody.
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    Nothing burger served up by cretins.
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    Move to Cuba
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    move to tiger droppings
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    I don't have nearly the time to pursue all of my interest and hobbies. If i hear any political lip during an NFL game, i'm out.

    Again, the NFL is free to discipline or not, Player's are free to protest or not, and i'm free to do as i please with my time.
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