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    I just read that. Holy shit this guy is stupid, or maybe he thought, maybe they will think I'm not me if I wear it, no one would ever think I'm that stupid. I'm gonna go with the first thought.
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    I think that he planned on playing the "April Fools" defense --- "Baton Rouge Police spokesman Don Coppola Jr. said Magee's charges stem from an April 1 theft..."

    If the judge is an LSU fan and has a sense of humor, that defense just might fly... Anybody remember the article citing a statistically significant increase in the length of prison sentences handed out by judges who graduated from LSU following an LSU football defeat?

    Here's the link... http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/courts/article_b69ddfc2-75f1-11e6-b014-b76501531d09.html

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