So happy Jimbo is staying in Texas!

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by CagedTiger, Nov 15, 2021.

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    SO if we beat the Faggies,
    AND the hogs and the war sparrows each lose their two remaining conference games
    THEN we will be in a 3 way tie for last place in SEC WEST
    That's the best we can do,
    Not that it matters, but we lose the tie breaker to both of them.

    This sucks big time
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    I think at this point in time Aranda would be my first choice. It's time to put someone on the sidelines who possesses the potential of being a coach of whom we can be proud. This hire will be a crap shoot regardless .Theres a logic to Aranda being the choice .Hes been here. He's had success here . The cornerstone of Lsu football is defense . Aranda would bring that and his other staff choices would no doubt be well thought out. This program won't take long to get back to 9-3 but it will take an ass load of effort to get us back to 11-1 10-2 making the Gumps nervous again. I think Aranda would have the ability to bridge that gap.
    Only caveat---- success here will cause him to hear the Siren call of the NFL.
    One I do believe after about three years he would follow, but we'll jump that crick when it floods.
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