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    As I've said several times now, anti-choice is all about religion. You see, according to Christian nonsense people are born with original sin so Jesus came down to Earth to give them a plan for salvation. Now, if fetuses are aborted there's a big problem with Christian doctrine: inasmuch as the fetus hasn't been born, does it have the stain of "original sin"? And, if not, does that mean the fetus gets a free pass to heaven? if so, then Jesus's plan for salvation doesn't really apply to that fetus, does it, and if it goes automatically to heaven them why not just abort them all? So, in order for Jesus's plan to be applicable at all that fetus MUST be born into original sin. Jesus needs a purpose! And, besides, why should a fetus get a free pass when everybody else must live an earthly life and run the risk of hell? That's just not fair! Jesus stands for love... ALL must run the risk of hell.
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    I am for abortion as long as it's a DEMOCRAT aborting. You clowns will eventually will abort yourself out of existence.

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