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Discussion in 'New Roundtable' started by HalloweenRun, Aug 24, 2019.

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    What are these fools thinking when they pull out their phones to record a very public event? I noticed during golf yesterday, that every shot, with spectators close in background, there were dozens of phones being held up, recording the shot. Here’s a tip. Set the freaking DVR.

    Noticed same thing during Tour de France, so it’s not just dumbazz Americans. Of course, the cyclist are blazing by at the speed of heat, so those cell phone shots are worthless. Although, admittedly, the sound as the peloton goes by is awesome

    How long do you figure those recordings stay on the phone/cloud/wherever?

    Is it ego that drives this behavior, some skewed sense of creativity, or (and I am afraid this is the answer) the vast majority of people are way beyond stupid.

    Oh yeah, check out the phones in Tiger Stadium recording the Tigers taking the field. Again, the DVR is your friend.

    Geaux Tigers and Beat Army!!!
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    I am amazed at how people at concerts do the same. Some folks have forgotten what it is just to go enjoy a show and live in the moment. I don't understand the notion of having to record everything. Watch youtube and you'll understand what life has become. Most anymore do not remember a life without a phone in their pocket. Now folks don't or can't enjoy the moment without having a record of it. What a lonely place to be
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    We had a fairly nasty storm blow through last night. Power has been out for over 12 hrs and my kids are beside themselves. School is out and they are both brooding because they have no power to charge their "devices" I'm like, you lil fuggers are missing a golden opportunity. I'd be outside!
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    These are the same people who film you when you need help or just will not get involved.

    By stander effect... that is what I was looking for.
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