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    I thought I would broil some red snapper filets and top with lump crabmeat and some kind of a sauce for Christmas instead of the same old turkey or ham. The other day I went in the new Rouse's supermarket and walk past the seafood market. Fresh red snapper filets were $24.95 a pound. YIKES! @stevescookin what would be a good substance fosh and do you have a recipient for a good sauce to top it with?
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    The cheapest would be Vietnamese catfish...Swai. I like it a lot. I like the 7-9 ounce ones. They keep real moist.
    Redfish would be the best. I know they sell them at restaurant depot. Don't know the cost.

    Swai has real mild flavor and good texture.

    A crabmeat lemon/butter sauce with artichoke hearts is what I like.
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