Predict the highest score against LSU Dee in 2019

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What is most points scored against LSU Dee in 2019?

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  1. 1. That already scored ... 38 points

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  2. 2. 39 - 45 points

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  3. 3. 46 - 52 points

    2 vote(s)
  4. 4. 53 - 60 points

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  5. 5. More than 60

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  1. RamahRising

    RamahRising Jedi Prophet

    Sep 2, 2017
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    All the hysteria about our perfectly good defense that’s:

    1. Loaded with talent (Tops in America)
    2. Already made two back to back goal line stands against a Top 10 team
    3. Is starting to come on at DB with two picks last week
    4. Is tragically short of First String DL (Logan and Lawrence, preseason Best bookends in America) ... but that’s going to be over soon
    5. Is suffering other injuries that will soon be over for the big games (FL, AU) except Todd Harris ... One single guy out for the year
    6. Is suffering an early season learning curve at LB after the loss of Devin White but the LBs are coming on and giving up fewer big plays by covering assignments with better VISION of the play in front of them
    7. Adjusting to SPEED OF LSU OFF
    8. Adjusting to the various new Defensive schemes implemented to avoid mismatches from happening ... Aranda is experimenting with various packages and disguises
    9. Is suffering poor tackling due to ball hawking practices ignoring fundamentals
    10. Still only allowing 23 ppg (same 2018)

    If you use logic (most won’t), then our defense has to be good enough to allow 1 point less than our offense scores ...

    I predicted 23 ppg would drop back to 17 at start of the season ... That’s a tall order but still possible with 8 regular season games

    Texas scored 38 ... due to LSU attrition and dehydration with injuries to key personnel
    Vanderbilt scored 38 ... with 14 points help that had nothing to do with the LSU Defense

    What is the most points that will be scored against this LSU Defense in 2019

    Assume regulation 60 minutes ...
    OT not counting
  2. islstl

    islstl Playoff committee is a group of great football men Staff Member

    Nov 25, 2003
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    I think we'll get healthy in time for Florida. And even if not that offense isn't great.

    Really need to be healthy for Auburn. And then of course all hands on deck for Alabama.

    38 is the most we'll give up.
  3. Mezmorizor

    Mezmorizor Founding Member

    Sep 20, 2008
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    Alabama is also playing like a big 12 team this year, so it'll be a lot. Voted for 46-52 because I figure we're probably undefeated if that doesn't happen, but Bama will score a lot.

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