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    I am always torn on it and always feel bad when I leave one. But....they are invasive, predatory......hogs will eat everything....they are terrible on deer fawns and they can actually smell them and they eat a lot of them. They can wipe out a turkey population bc they eat the eggs. Buddy watch a large black and white chasing a full grown doe the other day. They don't just eat grass and acorns. Suckers eat anything and everything they come across even each other. One guy in the camp absolutely loves shooting them and hardly even deer hunts.....he slips along until he finds some pigs and kills a few.....then keeps going back right there day and night and kills the others as they come in trying to eat their dead buddies. He can sit for weeks on one spot killing them as they come back trying to eat the new dead ones. Have had guys leave their deer overnight bc of lack of blood or whatever and go back the next morning and find the deer with nothing left of it bc the hogs ate it. They are far worse than a coyote ever was. I do not like it.....but I will kill every one I ever see and leave it if I do not need it. My brother had 3 of his high dollar field trial fox dogs cut up bad by hogs this season too. They are just bad for anything except the guys that want to hunt them exclusively which is where most of them are coming from. At my camp up north there were never any hogs....they had never seen any at all anywhere near there......but a guy that lives down the road from me used to host an annual hog bay competition....which was a hell of a good time I went every year and it was great....but the county passed a stupid ordinance that ended it and that was his life so he moved and just happened to move up really close to my cabin. He he brought the hogs with him bc that what he loves. He trapped from down here and turned em loose up there....which is highly illegal. Anyways.....within 5 years they have gone from never seeing one to being overrun with them. It is crippling the smaller farmers and they are waging a full on war on them but cannot keep up the numbers just keep growing. Once you got got em forever unless you poison them out but that kills everything else too.
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    no, I didn't get no goat pics,
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    I figured you reported them to the authorities....
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