OM GBU - Good, Bad, and Ugly

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by lsu-i-like, Oct 22, 2017.

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    Stats lifted from the following:

    > Guice is back - first player in SEC history with three games >250 yards. He had 276 tonight and has 2534 career yards - 7th in LSU history. He’s had 3-200+ yards, 3rd in LSU history. He’s had 10-100+ yards games, 6th in LSU history.
    > Guice and Williams is a hell of a combo. Williams is the first player in LSU history to gain 100+ yards rushing and 100+ yards receiving in a game (105/103). Hell, Etling even had some nice runs, including a TD.
    > Speaking of Etling, he battled like a mf - he’s a great tiger, limitations be damned; 376 yards from breaking top 10 passing in LSU history.
    > Nice to send Ole Miss back to hell where they belong. A nice rivalry win (the Magnolia Bowl trophy is an ugly thing, even worse than the boot). Vaught-Hemingway was over capacity. All time record since 1894 - 61-41-4.
    > Total yards: 593-347; TOP: 37:40-22:20
    > Canada was pretty unpredictable; nice to see TEs factor in the win. Etling is still limited so this was quite a nice orchestration by Canada. Hope the Canada/Aranda duo are back next year; whenever they leave there’ll be big shoes to fill.
    > Three interceptions and three sacks; of the latter Key had two. Add to that six tackles and a forced fumble. It seems likely both Key and Guice are leaving, hope they play themselves into the first round (both look close to their old selves). Key is now 4th in career sacks and 8th in career forced fumbles.
    > True freshman Delpit had 9 tackles, 1 interception, and was generally a bad-ass.
    > RS freshman Culp went 4-4 in FG and was money all night, which is quite an about face; still want a ST coach, kickoff coverage was ass; punting was meh, serviceable I guess

    > Starters played till the end. Brennan might have benefitted from snaps and Guice was done and should have been sat. Every time he ran late I cringed, and when he tapped out and went to the trainers I especially cringed.
    > Syracuse lost; a win against Richt’s U would have been a cherry on top of the OM victory. They did give em a good game, though.
    > A win against OM won’t amount to much in the eyes of college football at large. It was a huge win for us, but more psychological than solid; I’d be surprised to see us jump much in the polls. Not sure a win against Bama would throw us back in competition for the NC, though it wouldn’t be a bad start. More likely Bama would unfairly plummet and the SEC’s NC hopes be shaken. The Troy loss was probably the sacrifice the football gods needed; interested to see if a) O can lead our damn strong team to battle against Bama and b) Eaux can stoke the media in our favor like Miles’ “Undefeated in regulation.” We might just be the best team in the nation - I think we give Bama way more than they want.

    > OM gained 153 yards rushing and made hay on our D late. Didn’t love that.
    > How come OM, staring down sanctions (though UNC might have completed the castration of the NCAA) has a backup QB who looks pretty damn good? I sure hope Brennan is everything he’s cracked up to be.
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    More stats:
    8. LSU improves to 11-0 under head coach Ed Orgeron when leading after the third quarter.

    9. The Tigers have won 12 consecutive games during the month of October, a streak that dates back to the 2014 season. Nine of the 12 have come against SEC opponents.
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    The tackling was UGLY! Period. Not sure what was up with that.

    Also our Dline was getting blow off the ball all game. Not going to cut it and it took out gaps of our LB's who ended up out of position on most run plays.
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    Is there anyone on that line that is worthy of the tradition of LSU DTs? I'm not seeing it.
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    Lawerence. Not his fault he was doubled all night.
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    Agree with op on all points
    Bad- dropped passes by the wrs...
    Ugly- shitty Sec refs again... The non-holding calls were obvious and atrocious...
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    I was very pleased with the improvement in play and thoroughly enjoyed the game. Just don't think we've improved enough to beat Bama but would be glad to be wrong. Just believe Bama defense will give our Oline fits. In turn, Etlin will be all over, in a bad way. Bama defense may have two pick 6's.
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    We are definitely growing as a team but still have a long way to go. As much as I wish it were not the case, 2 weeks from now will probably be very ugly. We just don’t have the experience or depth to play against bama’s OL and DL. We will have to play our absolute best game and Bama will have to play their worst for it to be close.
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    Not sure where they were because there was a lot of silver showing after first quarter. Many empty seats, we had the whole row to ourselves.
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    We need to intercept Hurts to win. If Etling throws pick 6s, then we are doomed.

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