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    They rarely are. Mostly they’ve been partisan and shrill. That doesn’t mean the press isn’t vital.

    Again look back over the history. The press was Thomas Jefferson’s mercenary. The historic newspaper chains were very partisan. See William Randolph Hearst and his competition.

    No one and hopefully no one ever will.
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    I don't think we agree on what news is or the problems, because I don't think you actually want to muzzle the press, journalists write the news so muzzle them and what does that get us?

    Not trying to be hyperbolic but this next bit is.
    Fascist, dictators, and communist usually don't have great relationships with the press and tend to only have state run/approved propaganda news. I'm pretty sure that's not what you want. And when you or others say muzzle the press or the press is the enemy of the people this is what the i think you are wanting, but it can't be.

    If you watch 24 hour news entertainment I can see how you feel this way. The news is lost in there, I don't even bother with that shit. Unless something magor goes down.

    And social media is a huge shit show right now. I'd be for turning it all off during elections until they can fix it.

    Papers get a bad wrap now because of the rhetoric but have some of the best pieces.

    I think people have issues with the news media entertainment 24 hour endless outrage atmosphere. They aren't wrong, I find it overwhelming too but it's doing what it should be doing. Take breaks from it, I think turning it off would be bad. Our kids will deal with it better, we are caught in between shifts.
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    agree wholeheartedly that media is an absolute necessity but it’s current posture is not sustainable. An argument could be made that media has wagged the dog to boost ratings, revenue, as well as policy driven decisions at the expense of news

    the result is further division and acrimony
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