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    This isn't a point you know.
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    it means the right has all their nuts in one bowl, the left's nuts are scattered.
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    If you look at the actual news shows portions of the FOX, CNN or MSNBC it's actually all about the same. Where you find the ideological differences are when you get into the morning and evening talk show scheduling. That said, people hear what they want to hear and they tend to gravitate toward those who tell them what they want to hear versus seeking out some sense of objectivity. Social media has exacerbated this and most of the time when you hear a wack-a-doodle story it comes from social media. I always tell people, if you can't find an article about it on FOX and CNN then it's probably just bull shit.
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    I feel there is very little 'news' on most Cable News shows. If you equate to print media, almost all the TV stuff would be under OP-ED rather than page 1!
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    I agree. If you watch morning news on MSNBC, CNN or Fox they rarely focus on the same news story. I believe the day Mattis resigned Fox never, or barely mentioned it. Likewise there is much MSNBC ignores if it runs counter to the perceived “truth”.
    It takes viewing and reading multiple sources to get an idea of what is really happening.
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    they’re all playing to the base as well.also it’s why the same topic can mean different thing depending on color and context, especially hot button topics like abortion.
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    There is an issue, some needs to be fixed with laws but most of the problem is education. We need to fund better education.

    Most people don't understand what news is, and for some reason have been convinced by propaganda that it is an enemy of the state, my mom posted some nonsense like that on Facebook. So they want you to believe it's all fake, so they can get away with anything. Because they will tell you what's true, lol.

    Also people don't have the time or patience to form their own opinions so they find someone they look up to and parrot that point of view. This generally falls to CNN, Fox et AL. Very little critical thinking involved just download and parrot. This is what con men rely on; your ignorance and lazyness.

    People very rarely change their mind on things and instead seak out only information that confirms what they already believe. This is easier than coming to terms with being wrong and simple human nature. In this day and age we must question even are most core vales and beliefs, they may be wrong.

    I live by the code that I'm probably wrong about most things, so I try to keep educating myself and try not to read just 1 source. It's hard these days to really know what's real and what's not. So it's a constant process that most don't do.
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    Hold one...that's too broad a statement. You can certainly change a belief if you come to learn that belief was rooted in an incorrect assumption but no way should you question your basic core values. those are what define you.
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    For politics, political news. But i don't bother reading much political news at all. It's mostly tabloid fare.

    Last articles i read was one about that young news reporter that died of the 'flu'. At 26. WTF?

    And of course the cop shooting in California, and the aiding and abetting.

    Ex-cheerleader recalls controversial Playboy shoot 40 years on
    And the Cali wildfires. But i think CNN claimed that Trump started the fires. ;)
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    Much irony follows here. Don't tell @tirk.

    Worse. Enemy of the people.

    Wait, are we being punked?

    Absurd. I agree with el005. Unless you are a sociopath, there is little value or hope in trying to change who you are at your core. The day and age are irrelevant.

    So you're probably wrong but you think you have the key for how to become smarter and others are mostly too lazy to do so. Interesting.

    I'm open to being wrong and sEEking out all kinds of information but I don't believe I am wrong about most things. Intelligence, analysis, SME's, skepticism, and common sense.
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