MSDouglas High school shooter

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    This kid was flat out crazy and should have never been in school. There is a lot more to this in the report than what I put below. The other side of this is that the report should not have been released in its present form as the redaction was easily circumvented.

    "What emerged was the first detailed account of Cruz’s years in the school system, what the school district knew about him and what mistakes were made."

    "In the past, Runcie said that when Cruz turned 18 and rejected special education placement, the district could no longer provide him with the services given to students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. But the consultant’s report reveals for the first time that Cruz himself requested to return to special education, and his request went nowhere."

    "He still exhibited emotional and behavioral problems, but in May 2015, during his ninth-grade year, when he was 16, school officials recommended he return to a “mainstream setting,” at least for part of the day."

    “Although [the student] has made behavioral progress he continues to lack impulse control. He needs to be monitored while in both the school and neighborhood communities,” a report in March 2015 said."

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    Florida for you.
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    I taught 8th grade for 12 years, total.

    Each year had some pretty “strange agents,” and several students that we speculated might end up as “shooters.”

    Nothing like this. We had a couple of students where we considered, as next step, escort throughout day. Never resorted to that. A decision not ever taken lightly.

    I cannot conceive of how poorly the district’s actions come across . . . . In a report that supposedly exonerates the same district. But for those who have spent time in the classroom, and have worked with the EC infrastructure, it is beyond one’s worst nightmare. Which is exactly the outcome of this travesty!

    And, once again neither the school, district, nor state could write the damn report. They had to hire consultants. Geez. They always have to hire consultants.

    What did the idiots do, simply format a black background over redacted text? Pitiful.
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