LSU Gymnastics Repeat as SEC Champions

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    You're right. We'll give him a pass on that one.
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    Six regionals with the top two advancing to the Championships. The 12 are reduced to the Super Six and from those the eventual National Champ is crowned.

    LSU and Nebraska in the Raleigh Regional.
    Florida and Washington out of the University Park Regional.
    Oklahoma and Kentucky out of the Minneapolis Regional.
    UCLA and Arkansas out of the Columbus Regional.
    Utah and California out of the Salt Lake City Regional.
    Alabama and Georgia out of the Tuscaloosa Regional.​

    FWIW, there's a new format being instituted next season and at a brief glance it doesn't seem to be an improvement--just adding more teams, more dates, and more locations.

    Two teams meet in a Play-In meet with the winner advancing to a Regional with four teams. On one side of the new bracket there will be four Regionals (16 teams) whittled down to Super Regionals (4 teams, two meets,) That's cut down to four teams in the Semi-finals, and then one last cut to what they are calling "Four on the floor" for the NC title.

    I've got a graph, so to speak, from a gal who drew it up soon after it was announced. It's crude but paints the picture of what the brackets will look like. It's on my other 'puter...will post it later if you want a closer look.
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