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    What a crazy last 30 plus years it's been when it comes to these 2 teams, from Jaime Howard's interception game, to the Earthquake game, to the Night the barn burned, to the cigar game, Damon Duval getting into it with either the band or a fan, I can't remember, to the missed field goal game, to a team that was supposed to be a power house in Auburn getting stomped by that 03 team and Chad Lavalais having a huge day, to the Ronnie Prude strange PAT penalty, to the Jamarcus non PI call at the end of the game to Early, to the Demetrius Byrd touchdown win, to the Jarrett Lee throws a pick 6 then throws 2 big TD's to Chris Mitchell and LaFell, to last year the crazy ending to that game that was the nail in Les' LSU coffin.... I mean come on, this is LSU Auburn, crazy shit happens.

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