Looking for Red beans and rice recipe for crock pot

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Sourdoughman, Sep 8, 2006.

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    I would appreciate a few good red beans and rice recipes for the crock pot.
    I don't have to have just one either, I'll be greedy and try many.:D
    Also any other beans and rice recipes would be nice also.:)
    Thanks in advance!:)
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    Put red beans & water in crock pot. Turn on crock pot.:D

    J/K. I have a great recipe I'll pass along when I have a little more time.
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    I can't help you much on the crock pot side, but here is my unabridged version of what granny used to do:

    1-lb pack of red beans
    1 container of pre-chopped seasoning
    2 heaping tablespoons of chopped garlic (fresh is preferred, but in the jar is OK)
    1/4-lb bacon
    1-lb smoked sausage (I like the flavor of Hillshire Smoked Sausage, but you can use what you like. Avoid any sausage that is too powerful, because your beans will end up tasting like the sausage)
    1 tablespoon of kosher cooking salt
    1 bay leaf (optional - NO style)

    Soak your beans overnight. Start them boiling the next morning (~10 am).
    The beans should be pretty well softened up. You will probably need to add several cups of makeup water.

    Cut the bacon up into small pieces. Fry the bacon. Remove the bacon from the pan, and add it to the red beans. Next, saute the fresh cut seasoning in the bacon drippings. Add the mixture to the pot. (If you want to go healthier, you can omit the bacon, and just add the seasoning directly to the pot).

    Boil for about 1 hour. Reduce heat and simmer all day (if the beans begin to stick, your heat is too high - I usually simmer on about level 3 of 10). Stir the beans about twice an hour, and add about a Mardi Gras Cup of water, as necessary. By about 4pm, the beans should be pretty creamy. About 90 minutes before you want to serve, go ahead and add your sausage. I like to slice it thin, but some people prefer links. Its up to you. You may need to bump the heat a bit after adding the sausage. Once it heats up, you can reduce the heat again. Remember your rice cooker should take about 45 mins, so plan accordingly.


    I still cook these about once every two weeks, although I use the healthier version. They freeze very well, and upon thawing, you will likely need to add a very small amount of water, because they thicken up quite a bit in the freezer. I always find they are even better the second day.:wink:

    PM me and let me know how they turn out.
  4. Ellis Hugh

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    OK, not really. But if you are in a hurry and can't do them from scratch, this is the next best thing to Popeyes.

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