if it's after 11 pm in new orleans, here is where you may or may not want to be...

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    Bars - or, Clinton Mainland's Personal Guide
    To Drinking with the Dead

    New Orleans, Louisiana Travel Guide
    By W. Clinton Mainland

    Generally the night scene doesn't begin until real late in New Orleans - like after 11 at night. Here is a rundown of the places to be after dark in New Orleans.

    On the river side of the Quarter, close to Faubourg Marigny (a neighborhood), is a good area for freaks. In particular:

    The Abbey 1123 Decatur Street
    The owner, originally from London apparently, has some sort of religious fetish...or at least it feels that way. A lot of freak traffic out the front door. It's a good place to get close to the freaks without being tightly packed.

    The Dragon's Den 435 Esplande
    Above a good Thai restaurant (Siam Café), this place feels like an Opium Den. Plus you have the added weirdness of heading to the bar through Siam Café's kitchen. Awesome place.

    In the Quarter proper:

    The Napoleon House St. Charles at St. Louis
    Good for a quiet drink - this place is run down in a nice way. They play classical music and have zillions of crooked pictures of Napoleon on the walls. Apparently this building was purchased as a safe house for Napoleon (the little French dude) after an intended rescue attempt. Napoleon never made it. Although, I am sure, many at the bar are still waiting for him.

    Outside of the Quarter, in the Warehouse District:

    The Warehouse district is New Orleans SOHO. Loft condos and cool restaurants and bars. Personal drinking favorites:

    Polynesian Joe's 859 Magazine Street
    Bring your friends and play volleyball on their outdoor court. This place can be eerily empty; if you don't have a bunch of friends, this may not be the place for you. Apparently league night is on Monday - that might be worth checking out. When this place is happening, it's great. When it's quiet, tumbleweeds blow through.

    Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar 701 Tschoupitoulas Street
    I love Lucy's. I love the whole tropical, Jimmy-Buffet thing they got going on. It can be packed late at night.

    Past the Warehouse district (assuming you are coming from the Quarter) is the Uptown\Garden District. This neighborhood is fun - people live here and it has a nice energy. However, if you don't have a car, it can be difficult to deal with. Although there are a plethora of cabs in the Quarter, forget about it out here. Don't walk around a lot in this neighborhood at night.

    The Red Room 2040 St. Charles
    This place is cool - strange building, red carpet, awesome décor. It's very classy. When I was there it was more of a formal supper club or something; call to make sure they are open and for how long. Oddly enough for New Orleans, this place can close early.

    Audubon Hotel and Bar 1225 St. Charles Street
    This place is insane - a 24 hour bar at the bottom of a flea bag hotel, this is where the punks and the freaks come to dance. Best only late at night. Not for the weak.

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