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    I’ve always favored the old school tube amps. Had a Fender Super Reverb with 4 10” speakers that was just fricken awesome read somewhere it may have been intended to be bass amp, but hey, it worked well as a lead amp. Picked up a 64 Fender Deluxe, and it was a little gem as well, but didn’t have the low punch of the Super Reverb. Had a Peavy with two black widow speakers 12”. All solid state, never really warmed up to it, so I used it as a booster, lining out of the Deluxe into the Peavy to give me a little more volume.

    One of my students has one of these new solid state fenders with all the preset sounds. I hate it. I agree with jmg. Find you a nice clean tone, then throw in a few peddles, and ur done. I always used a tube screamer, phase, and a chorus. That was bout all I needed for classic rock and country/jazz. Since I never played the heavy stuff, never really needed the major overdrive pedals. Recently started using an OCD for the dirt. Kinda liking it a lot, as I can get a tube screamer sound out of it, but can beef up if I need to.
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