Fox News Liberal transition almost complete

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Perple, Jun 26, 2020.

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    Minus 3 shows, imo. Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Fox & Friends. 3 others, Lou Dobbs (Fox Business) Pete Hegseth & Mark Levin (Weekends) are good conservative shows. Tucker Carlson is a former CNN & MSNBC former employee & tonight he brought out his CNN side in his opening monologue. He's hit & miss, imo. Dan Bongino would do a great show I believe, (Put in Cavuto's spot?) but obviously Fox is trying for a new audience, in an already overcrowded field.

    Due to an unfortunate foot injury, I've watched Fox for 3 straight days now, the complete weekday lineup. Fox wheels out as many if not more liberals on their morning, midday & early evening shows as other liberal cable news channels. Just what conservatives want to see eh?, more failed liberals per hour? Fox thinks so. Turn the channel on now, chances are high you'll see a liberal, lately them replaying some BLM dude talking about destoying everything if "We don't git what we wants", with a hollywood squares style "Power panel" to backup & apologize for him. Earlier tonight, tried the experiment again, some 30-35? year old "Indian Chief" (Sioux) calling Abe Lincoln genocidal & undeserving of Mt. Rushmore. Next target on the idiot's destruction list. Then they'll be after your paper money.

    They've picked their Presidential candidate, imo. It's basement dwelling Biden. Despite the fact 18+ million people watched President Trump's first rally & shattering all that networks record of 7.7 million viewership on a Saturday. He's the most watched person in America. Fox picked Hillary Clinton for the win last time in their Fox polls. Many still can't forget Megyn Kelly's stunned face.

    To thank Trump for their "Ratings bonanza", Monday morning, they immediately attacked Peter Navarro on Sandra "I'm from Illinois" Smith for something about the China deal, just to prove Marta McCallum's tape from days before was correct. Gotcha! Then immediately attacked AG William Barr, for mentioning Chinese possibly printing fake US voting ballots, as if this isn't possible. Maria Bartiromo (formerly of CNN NBC/CNBC pedigree) & Smitty just couldn't figure it out. (Like most antibiotics & fake passports, masks, sneakers etc. being made in China) All within 30 minutes time. Honestly, they don't need to thank Trump, but for a so-called conservative leaning channel, a few kind words couldn't hurt, considering the people that actually watch their channel. Instead, we got an onslaught that would've made Don Lemon & Fredo proud. Hannity & Ingraham's hands are tied, their work suffers a bit because some of the dumbest liberal crap is said on their own network. Ex. "Did Melissa Francis really say Teddy Roosevelt's statue reminded her of her trip to Dachua on The View Outnumbered?" Why yes, yes she did. Facepalms all around.

    At this point, I could see Trump going Free agent, and picking a random channel for future rallys. Why not? Making the Lifetime Network great? Can't honestly say make them great again. :D

    This is nothing new, Fox has been going downhill & moving further left for a several years. Someday, someone will start a real conservative network that covers 1/2 of America's viewing audience. And that man or woman will quickly become one of the richest people on the planet.

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