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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Kikicaca, Nov 12, 2023.

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    Last year when house had a lil bit better talent to work with Tiger D was damn good in those 6 SEC wins.

    State - held the pirate to 3 2nd half points
    aub - last TD was at the 14:00 minute of 2nd quarter. Shutout 2nd half
    gators - shutout from 8:00 minute of 2nd quarter through the 3rd quarter
    ole miss - Last TD came at 6:00 mark of 1st quarter. Shutout 2nd half
    arky - kept out the endzone till 4th quarter
    bama - kept out the endzone till 4th quarter.
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    That is the point @Kikicaca, why are we worse year 2? Is it because we lost players, didn't recruit to fill the holes, etc.? House should be improving but we are regressing. Time usually bears out incompetence, and House has never been anywhere long enough to prove he is the real deal. We should at least be average, and we are not. Which is the norm, and which is the anomaly, last year or this year? I hope BK has a handle on it and will take care of it. If he turns out to be the guy then great, but if not we need to make a change.
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