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    Had a fun 10 days at the camp though the killing was a little slow. Nephew(10) was able to get his 2nd buck. I spotted it bedded down out in a clear cut and he eased out there and busted it. Crazy how long they will just lay there and let you shoot at them 8 times before connecting ha. No pic of that one brother has those on his phone.

    I spent most of the trip taking my oldest(9) and since he already killed a buck he was holding out for something with forks on it and just couldn't make it happen. Passed on some does and other spikes but he is into it now and that was the whole goal for this year just get him one and get him hooked. He still can't hunt the way I like to hunt as he just moves around to much and makes to much noise so I have some blinds set up for different winds but nothing he wanted to shoot came where he could get a shot or stayed long enough to get a shot as it takes him a little bit to get one lined up.

    Only hunted 3 days alone and was able to connect on a couple bucks. First one was 12/31 and an 8 point. Make a terrible shot on it hitting it high in the back leg and it quickly crossed a 100 yard wide river. Got a good mark on my side where it crossed and hung some TP in a tree and got my dad to meet me at camp and we went around to the other side. Took about 4 hours from shot to getting in there with my cur dog but found blood where he cross and dog found the deer quick and put it right back in the water and we thought it went right back across. Went back around and had another buddy meet me to go with us and back in with dog again but could not find where it came out. Dog kept going back and forth along the bank winding across and we got to looking and finally saw him bedded down up in a hole under a root ball on the bank we had just left from so he had never crossed back over just hit the water and then up in that hole below us so couldn't see him from that side. Finished him off and of course he rolled down into the river and went to drifting with the current. No time to get back around there with 4 wheeler as the river was rolling so I had to strip on down and swim across and get him bringing the 6 hour ordeal to a successful end. Made for quite the show I am sure but we got him which was very lucky given how bad my initial shot was. No pics of the skinny dipping fortunately.

    The next day 1/1 was a good day for the crew. Nothing crazy about it like the other one but me, my brother, and my buddy all killed bucks within 15 minutes of each other. Buddy started it off with a 7 point, then I followed with a tall 6 point that should have been an 8 but no brow tines, and then brother got a 9 point.

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