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    The issue for LSU against Alabama is that Delpit is not a capable player in man coverage.

    “He’s a terrible man-coverage player and they’re doing whatever they can to keep him out of coverage,” said an opposing assistant. “He was in man very few times last season.”

    Added another opposing coach: “He’s a great athlete, he just can’t be left in true one-on-one situations against one of your top three skills guys. That’s not his world. That’s definitely his weakness.”

    This factor helps defenses diagnose what LSU is doing pre-snap. If Delpit lines up in the slot, there’s a high-percentage chance that he blitzes. If he attempts to cover, expect Alabama to exploit him like they did with Irv Smith last season.

    The other secondary weakness is LSU’s slot corner, as Kary Vincent is considered one of the players opposing teams will test. “He’s just OK,” said a coach. “He’s a track guy, he’s not tough or a great tackler. I thought he was the weak link.”
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    Not untrue
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    My thought too. At least my thoughts are not of you THIS time. hehe
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    The thing that stood out to me is the part about how we suck in zone... We suck in zone... I hope we play a lot of man and do a better job of disguising our coverage... bump and run, emphasis on the bump... That would disrupt the timing of their routes... If we give them free release off the line, we're done... imo, how our d handles their o is the key to whether we win or lose this game...
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