Depth better under Orgeron; Much too early look at 2019 roster

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Tiger in NC, Jan 8, 2019.

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    I was an Orgeron skeptic when he was hired. No, actually I was pissed off that we didn't make a better splash of a hire. That being said, over the past two years Orgeron has surprised me in a few ways. Most importantly is the depth on our roster at every position. Under Miles it always seemed like we had a few positions every year where depth was a serious issue for us. Orgeron seems to have fixed this as my hypothetical depth chart for next year will show below.

    Secondly, I think Orgeron has a better shot at retaining players who would otherwise leave for the NFL. I am not talking about the Greedy Williams and Devin White types who are virtually guaranteed to be Top 10 picks; I'm talking about the guys who leave, go undrafted or in the last few rounds, bounce around the league for 2-4 years on practice squads and then are never heard from again. Getting those players to stick around and finish their degree along with their eligibility will serve them better in the long run and enhance their chances of being drafted higher with more secured money. IMO, this is what Nick Saban does better than just about any other coach in America.

    Lastly, he really does love LSU. Orgeron wants to be the coach at LSU and he takes it personally when we lose IMO. I like this about him and after watching Dabo and Clemson dismantle Saban and Bama last night, I am hoping that our far-reaching hire turns out as well as Clemson's did several years back when they hired Sweeney as a greenhorn. I remember when they hired him that a LOT of Clemson fans were pissed that they didn't make a bigger splash.

    Here is my much-too-early depth chart for 2019. I have included the recruits who have already signed with us and have left off any that have already declared for the draft. I have no insider information so for those of you who do, please feel free to correct me where I am wrong.

    Joe Burrow - SR
    Myles Brennan - RSO
    Peter Parrish - FR
    Andrew Sale - JR

    Clyde Edwards-Helaire - JR
    John Emery - FR
    Tyrion Davis - FR
    Lanard Fournette - SR
    Chris Curry - SO
    Tae Provens - SO

    Tory Carter - JR
    Matt Brock - SR

    Jamal Pettigrew - JR
    Racy McMath - JR
    TK McClendon - JR
    Zach Sheffer - SO
    Thaddeus Moss - SO
    Aaron Moffitt - SO

    Jamarr Chase - SO
    Justin Jefferson - JR
    Terrace Marshall Jr - SO
    Derek Dillon - SR
    Stephen Sullivan - SR
    Dee Anderson - SR
    Jonathan Giles - SR
    Kenan Jones - SO
    Jaray Jenkins - SO
    Trey Palmer - FR

    OL (This is the deepest line we will have in a long time)
    Lloyd Cushenberry - JR
    Damian Lewis - SR
    Chasen Hines - SO
    Austin Deculus - JR
    Saddiq Charles - JR
    Donovan Campbell - JR
    Kardell Thomas - FR
    Adrian Magee - SR
    Ed Ingram - JR (If he is able to make it back....right now seems like a big IF)
    Jakori Savage - JR
    Cole Smith - SO
    Dare Rosenthal - SO
    Cameron Wire - SO
    Badara Traore - SR
    Anthony Bradford - FR
    Thomas Perry - FR
    Charles Turner - FR

    DL (We are deeper here than we've been in a long time with more help on the way)
    Rashard Lawrence - SR
    Brandon Fehoko - SR
    Tyler Shelvin - SO
    Neil Farrell Jr - JR
    Glen Logan - JR
    Travez Moore - SR
    Justin Thomas - JR
    Nelson Jenkins III - SO
    Davin Cotton - SO
    Dominic Livingston - SO
    Joseph Evans - FR
    Siaki Ika - FR

    LB (This was once a position of weakness on our D, especially right after Chavis left)
    Devin White - SR
    Jacob Phillips - JR
    K'Lavon Chaisson - JR
    Michael Divinity - SR
    Patrick Queen - JR
    Ray Thornton - JR
    Andre Anthony - JR
    Micah Baskerville - SO
    Damone Clark - SO
    Dantrieze Scott - SO
    Jarrell Cherry - SO
    Kendall McCallum - FR
    Marcel Brooks - FR
    Donte Starks - FR

    Grant Delpit - JR
    Jacoby Stevens - JR
    Eric Monroe - JR
    Todd Harris Jr - JR
    Cameron Lewis - JR

    Kelvin Joseph - SO
    Kary Vincent - JR
    Kristian Fulton - JR
    Derek Stingley Jr - FR
    Manny Netherly - JR
    Jontre Kirklin - SO
    Raydarious Jones - FR
    Cameron Flott - FR
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    I don’t care how good our recruiting rankings are if our offense plays like a gaggle of two stars. This is the one thing we can’t say Eaux has fixed.

    I supported hiring Eaux when I realized we weren’t getting Herman, but I’ve been very disappointed with offensive development under him.

    Sorry to be negative, I agree there is a lot to be pleased with, but at this point we’ve still got the issues that got Miles fired.
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    Devin not declaring yet and all the “cone back to try to play for a national championship” talk really has me feeling like he’s coming back. I know, I know but theoretically, until he announces otherwise...
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    No need to apologize my man; you make some good points and maybe I am pumping the sunshine a little bit right now. I have uttered the very same things you've pointed out in your post at different points during the season. That said, I am encouraged by how our offense looked during the bowl game. Burrow seemed more at ease and in tune with our receivers, our line was able to keep him upright and Ensminger called a good game. I am hopeful that was a preview for what we can expect next season.

    I will say this: if we go through next season and do not see progress from the offense with a senior QB, veteran OL, a damn herd of talented receivers with experience and, once again, a star studded backfield.....we need to demand a change at the OC position and allow the new OC to do their thing.
  6. Tiger in NC

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    I put him on the list. I'm with you....until he tells us otherwise, he's staying dammit.
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    He has until Monday to declare.
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    There’s validity to both sides of this argument. Orgeron has undoubtedly improved this team. We had our best year since 2011 and the cupboard is getting restocked. On top of that, we are slowly locking down the instate talent, which was O’s number one priority when he took over. He is delivering. I’d prefer a new OC because I saw enough last year to know that E is just not elite. But I’m riding with O for more than one more year if he does not stick with E after another mediocre year. In other words, if our offense is mediocre again, I’ll still ride with O so long as he brings in someone new. He’s done way too much so far to be gone next year in my opinion.
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    I’m not an Oueax hater (remember when he was hired we were not swimming in candidates). That’s easy to forget.

    But . . . We have got to spice up the offense, motion, misdirection, shovel passes, and then the intermediate passes AND convert on 3d down.

    I don’t care who solves this but it is a glaring ball and chain.
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    Depends on how next season plays out IMO.

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