China and Feinstein

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    Long article. Trump aint got nothing on Feinstein.

    This Is About Much More than a Chinese Spy
    Let us review the facts here.

    • China has for almost 40 years cultivated warm relations with Feinstein.
    • Feinstein has uniformly taken political positions supporting greater ties with China while taking a relatively dovish and strictly apologist line on its human rights atrocities.
    • Feinstein’s husband has profited handsomely during Feinstein’s career from the greatly expanded China trade she supported. It is of course possible that the Feinstein family’s privileged position with the Chinese regime improved his investment opportunities.
    • Feinstein has served as a key intermediary between China and the U.S. government, while serving on committees whose work would be of keen interest to the PRC.
    • A staffer of almost two decades in close proximity to Feinstein was allegedly successfully recruited by China’s MSS and fed China “political intelligence.”
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    Don't doubt any of that.
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    she lost all credibilty with me when she offered deserters from the first gulf war refuge in San Francisco.
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