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Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by Bengal Buddy, Jun 7, 2008.

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    Its a good question, a very good question that I'm glad you asked. I don't want anyone thinking I was thinking of Hill when I typed that. I was referring to Jackson and some of his small theft/breakin issues - I think thats what I remember they were. Anyway, wrong place at the wrong time issues.

    I said in the thread after Hill's arest, this;

    First full disclosure I have 3 daughters. And yes I inappropriately laughed at some of the inappropriate humor - ya’ll are good. There is some good serious stuff posted here, I liked TexasTigers and TigersTailgating comments.

    My view is this, after the obligatory sexual humor, this is a tragedy. Her life and his life have been hugely negatively impacted and it’s not going away on signing day. She has 4 more years of spending all day with everybody around her knowing this story. He has forfeited an opportunity to dramatic improve his chances for great success in life. If this story is 75% true I would be shocked if he plays football at LSU.

    She might be a 14 year old temptress or whatever but she’s still 14. And if their at the same school environment he probably knew it. As the older person, I didn’t say more mature, it was his responsibility to make the right decision, and he didn’t.

    When we're consumed by football years from now everyone involved in this will still be dealing with it and wanting to change what happened - but of course they can't. 18 and certainly 14 is too early to have to start doing that.

    So in response to your question let me restate with detail. If this case turns out to be forced sex on a 14 year old girl he can't score enough touchdowns to make me want him around. He shouldn't be the score-er on the football field he should be the score-eeeeeeeee in the shower. Not really – don’t wish rape on anyone but you get my point.

    I acknowledge there is the potential of learning about a lot of grey area here about how she may have ‘enticed’ and ‘led him on’ and ‘everyone does it’ and all that. BULLCRAP – the best that he can be is “felony stupid” as opposed to really, really teenage stupid. I can't imagine how this story can turn in a direction that would make me want him on our team.

    Does that resolve any ambiguity that I may have created?
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    man, if that girl wouldve just kept her mouth shut!! I ked :D
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    If it goes to court, the criminal court system takes their responsibility VERY SERIOUSLY...

    ...If only Jeremy Hill could get impeached instead.

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    I doubt the DA lets it get that far.

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