Babycakes Leaving New Orleans

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    In literary terms, a Zephyr is the West Wind. The team carried the name to nola when they moved from Denver, and it was appropriate because the main attraction in a long-time (now closed) amusement park in nola was a roller coaster named the Zephyr. So it was nostalgic. Baby Cakes was an obvious reference to king cakes that absolutely no one in Louisiana uses. To me, baby cake is a polite euphemism for jail bait. It was a stupid choice obviously meant to play on the tradition of quirky minor league team names. I don't know of anyone who liked it.

    The name hurt attendance, I believe, but their real problem was scheduling afternoon games on the weekends. No one wants to sit in a baseball stadium in the middle of an August afternoon in New Orleans. Seriously. My TV station acquired hundreds of tickets from the team (Sunday afternoon games) for promotional giveaways this summer. I gave away a few dozen; no one wanted them.
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    Babycakes was based on a fan vote.
    No one in Louisiana cares about professional baseball.

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