AU Gus & Nix Talking Bigtime Comeback

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    Just brimming with confidence ... These mutts ... Riding the Gus Bus (Gus now in the Top 25 on Coaches Hot Seat) Talking it up.

    He's got confidence that we can run the table and beat everyone on the whole schedule so when you have a dude who's that confident--it's not even cocky, it's just straight confidence.

    Ramah’s Favorite Except:
    Throwing seven touchdowns this season with five interceptions and completing 56 percent of his passes, Nix has had his good and bad so far in the first half of the 2019 football regular season.

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    Does anyone think Auburn is a Top 10 Team anymore?

    We’re not overlooking MSU this Saturday.

    I guarantee you LSU will be jacked up to BURY GUS IN DEATH VALLEY ...

    Welcome to Death Valley, where opponents dreams come to die ... Geaux Tigers

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