almost 80% of america's seafood is imported.

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    even with all the aqua farming going on, almost 80% of seafood eaten in the U.S. is imported:

    Fish Market
    Trends to Watch: Americans eating more seafood

    Americans ate more seafood in 2002 than in 2001 – seafood consumption increased by 7.1 percent (nearly 1 pound) per capita. Consumption of fresh and frozen seafood rose to an estimated 11 pounds per capita.

    Tilapia continues to increase in popularity. Besides tilapia, good environmental choices can be found among the top ten consumed seafoods: farmed U.S. catfish, wild West Coast spot prawns, and Alaska and California salmon (such as chinook).

    Imports account for 77 percent of all seafood eaten in the United States. The October issue of Seafood Business attributes the growth in consumption to increased consumer awareness of seafood’s healthful profile and low prices of farmed shrimp and salmon during 2002. The trade publication also notes that supermarkets are doing a better job of instructing customers how to cook fish, and non-seafood restaurants are adding more fish dishes to the menu.

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