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    Tiger recruits looking good. Brown and Pimpton caught TD's. Whit Weeks looks fabulous and recovered a fumble. However as usual the announcers are absolutely horrible. All they do is talk. They talk too much about one players for way too long as the game is being played. You have no idea who makes tackles especially. They ignore the OL and DT's.
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    Can't wait to see these guys next year!
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    On3 director of scouting Charles Power gave [Whit Weeks] a nod as a “stock up” prospect from the week. On3 was first to make him a four-star prospect out of the recruiting services.

    “Projecting linebackers in coverage based on the high school football setting can be difficult,” Power said. “The all-star game setting can allow for a more translatable look as to how linebackers play and cover in space. Whit Weeks was a standout in that regard over the course of All-American Bowl week. The LSU signee was the best cover linebacker at the event, in our opinion. Weeks made a ton of plays throughout practice, in 1-on-1’s, 7-on-7 and team periods. His athleticism, instincts and coordination shined while operating in space. Weeks also showed a feel and toughness as a run defender.

    “This carried over to the game, where he led the East in tackles in addition to notching a tackle for loss and recovering a fumble. Weeks’ ability to translate to as an every down linebacker was evident in San Antonio.”
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