Alex Bregman on the precipice of stardom

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    A few things have changed, the most startling to me was that at LSU he was told not to swing for the fences or hit dingers (I believe that I recall it correctly).

    One of the foreshadowing of power is doubles, Bregman hit 22 his senior year, so he has power. This year Bregman has 33 doubles, so he is showing a good indicator.

    Bregman started hitting bombs immediately after joining the minors, not a lot, but more than at LSU, yet still so much so I took notice. I think Bregman was 20 at LSU when he left... he has grown and has hit the weights, he has filled out a lot from 4 years ago.

    Another not so underrated point is Bregman is hitting infront of the league MVP, Altuve, so he is seeing a lot of strikes. Also, for the Astros, World Series MVP, Springer is hitting infront of Bregman, too, lots of strikes again.

    Lastly dimensions.... Alex Box left field 330', Minute Maid 315'.... Alex Box power ally 365', Minute Maid 362
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