Terrell Owens hospitalized

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    cell already bit the dust. i assume disney mobile did just the same

    both owned by disney of course and both a joke. they tried offering T-OD's nutz as incentive but when he went down they had to scrap it.

    had almost no subscribers compared to their advertising barrage. lost a fortune.

    look for ESPN and PPV to increase prices accordingly. :hihi: :hihi:
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    Reverence is a bit overboard. And it's not because he's a celebrity, but a human.


    Yea, they signed up "tens of thousands" of users, which is hundreds of thousands fewer users than they needed to support the infrastructure and marketing push. It really flopped. I thought the phone was clunky and wireless broadband for watching games was just too pricey. And ESPN has too much of a history of telling me what to care about. I don't need those fools taking over my phone.
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    you convinced me, and i just sent an adequadately indignant email to the keepers of the darwin awards, yunno those guys who make fun of people who kill themselves in silly ways. those people are humans you know. nobody should type any words on the internet that dont adequately respect any random person on earth. because words hurt, particularly words by random people on random anonymous message boards.

    i have any idea. lets abandon the pretense that we all care about crap we dont really care about. also lets stop letting the media tell us which humans we should be concerned about. (oh yes, i realize we are concerned about all humans equally, we just happen to make a big deal about some while ignoring billions of others)
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    I was wondering if anyone else caught this. That was pretty funny.

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