Marine Stories That Will Run This Thread Into The Shitter.

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    My brother joined specifically for the music program (former tuba player with TGBFTL). The DI's knew this, and the day before graduation, his platoon was in formation before going through graduation rehearsal. One of the DI's got in his face and said,"I don't want to see you eye fucking the band tomorrow, so get it all out of your system today." So at rehearsal, my brother's head is bobbing and weaving watching the band and the senior DI storms up and yells, "WTF do you think you're doing?" My brother said, "Sir, eyeballing, sir!" The DI said "Carry on" and marched off.
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    ~1988 our Company gets sent to the PI to help rebuild this school that got demolished by a typhoon. It was more like destruction of what was left of it but anyway. We are staying in this huge abandoned hanger on a compound that was actually used at one time to hold Marcos during his troubles.

    Also there is an Army reserve unit out of Hawaii and an Army A team that is building some quick kill range for the PI forces nearby. The Army reserve unit was the biggest bunch of slobs that you'd ever see and amongst them was this female Major, a ginger and she was every bit as large as she was nasty. One day, myself and a few other buddies are just sort of wandering around the compound and what should we stumble upon? If you guessed the A team running a train on the fat major in the middle of the day you'd be correct. We just gave them a thumbs up and quietly walked away.
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