News Hospital released Ebola patient by mistake

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by islstl, Oct 1, 2014.

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    I think there probably is a proper balance. Her demeanor is a bit off-putting, though. Maybe that's why people aren't being particularly sympathetic in comments on articles that I have been reading online?
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    I suspect there is a lawyer in the shadows here, tipping the scale and nudging that fulcrum. Lots of money to be made from abuse of power, civil rights violations, etc. Let's see how quickly he emerges.
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    Winners. Although I think her attitude is more than a little off-putting. She has a right to say what she likes.....she is the type of nurse that will lead a union organizing effort, a modern-day medical Norma Rae. I think what she doesn't see is the public feeling as though they have a right to be free from her infection when we know there is a way to avoid it.

    I am really struggling to understand the mindset of a care/aid worker. They voluntarily go to a hot zone in a poor country with little to no advanced medical care for months....away from family and friends and exposing themselves daily to highly viral amounts of a killer virus. But they say that an additional 21 days to ensure not only the health and well-being of family/friends but the public, but also to potentially ID the virus and begin immediate treatment, thereby increasing their own chances of survival, is too much.....that it would keep them from even going to a hot zone to begin with. I don't get that.
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    Because they all must be wackos

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