Aaron Hernandez's home searched in possible homicide probe

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    Funny quote from that New York Times article:

    "By his junior year, Coach Urban Meyer was saying that Mr. Hernandez had been rehabilitated with daily Bible study sessions that the coach conducted personally."
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    The Fake ESPN @TheFakeESPN:

    Deep thought: When you think about it, we're all just people Aaron Hernandez hasn't killed yet.
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    Uh, yeah right coach. We really believe that everyday after football practice, you sat down with Hernandez and conducted a daily Bible study session. It's a wonder CUM could even say that with a straight face. His arrogance knows no bounds.
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    An hour ago, CBS just published this:

    Report: Hernandez ruptured man's eardrum in 2007, wasn't arrested

    Gainesville (Fla.) police reportedly wanted to charge Aaron Hernandez with felony battery following an incident in 2007

    The Wall Street Journal has obtained a police
    report that alleges on May 4, 2007, a then-17-
    year-old Hernandez punched a man in the side
    of his head, rupturing the man's eardrum.
    According to the police report, Hernandez didn't
    dispute the fact that he punched the man.
    The entire incident took place just months after
    Hernandez had enrolled at the University of
    According to the police report, Hernandez was
    served two "alcoholic drinks" at a restaurant near
    the school's campus called The Swamp. When
    Hernandez finished the drinks, a male employee
    delivered Hernandez's bill to him, but Hernandez
    insisted that he hadn't ordered any drinks, so he
    refused to pay. The two men then got in a 'verbal
    altercation' that resulted in the employee
    escorting Hernandez out of the restaurant.
    Once outside, Hernandez alleges that the
    employee got in his face, according to the police
    report. As the employee turned to walk away
    from Hernandez, Hernandez punched him in the
    side of the head.
    The employee refused medical treatment at the
    scene of the altercation, however, doctors would
    discover the next day that his right eardrum had
    burst, according to the police report.
    Despite the existence of a police report
    documenting the incident, Hernandez wasn't
    arrested. A Gainesville Police Department
    spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that the
    department recommended a charge of felony
    battery -- a crime punishable by up to five years
    in prison for adults in Florida.
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    From the Wall Street Journal article published a few hours ago:

    On May 4, 2007, only months after Hernandez
    had enrolled at Florida, he showed up at a
    restaurant called The Swamp near Florida's
    campus in Gainesville, Fla., a two-story bar and
    grill that features framed jerseys of former Florida
    According to the police report, here's what took
    place: A waitress brought Hernandez two
    "alcoholic drinks." After Hernandez finished the
    drinks, a restaurant employee named Michael
    Taphorn delivered a bill. Hernandez said he
    hadn't ordered the drinks and refused to pay, at
    which point a "verbal altercation" began between
    the two men. Hernandez called a witness over to
    try to intervene, but a resolution couldn't be
    reached. Hernandez was told to leave and
    escorted out by Taphorn.
    After stepping outside, according to the report,
    Hernandez told police Taphorn "got in his face"
    and began yelling at him. As Taphorn turned to
    walk away, Hernandez punched him in the side
    of the head—a fact Hernandez did not dispute.
    Taphorn complained of hearing loss in his ear
    but refused medical treatment on the scene, the
    report said. The next day, however, doctors
    discovered his right eardrum had burst
    Benjamin Tobias, a spokesman for the
    Gainesville police department, said officers did
    not arrest Hernandez, who was 17 at the time.
    But given the severity of the injury to the victim,
    the department recommended a charge of felony
    battery—a crime that, for adults in Florida,
    carries a maximum of up to five years in prison.
    Hernandez's attorney, Michael Fee, did not
    return emails and calls for comment. Former
    Florida football coach Urban Meyer, now the
    head football coach at Ohio State, has declined
    to comment on Hernandez.
    Taphorn, whom colleagues described Monday as
    a former manager at the restaurant, could not be
    reached for comment. Danny Zeenberg, manager
    at The Swamp, said the restaurant does not
    serve alcohol to underage customers.
    Bill Cervone, state attorney for Florida's Eighth
    Judicial Circuit, said he had not seen the police
    report from the May 2007 incident. Cervone said
    he could not comment
    Tobias, the Gainesville police spokesman, said
    the department released the report to the Journal
    because the department's policy allows for such
    releases when police recommend a felony
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    ABC news is way behind:

    Last week ABC News
    reported that Hernandez is also being eyed in an
    unsolved triple shooting that took place when a
    car was ambushed in Boston in July 2012. Two
    men were killed and another was wounded in
    that case.
    Sources also told ABC News that Lloyd may
    have had information about those slayings, one
    of the possible motives for his execution.
    Hernandez is also being sued in a civil suit filed
    by a former friend who said Hernandez shot his
    eye out.

    Way to keep up, ABC!
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    This just keeps getting more insane. More info about the crowd Hernandez grew up with in CT:

    The Hartford (CT) Courant
    3:02 p.m. EDT, July 1, 2013
    WEST HARTFORD — An early-morning fight
    broke out in a local diner over the weekend
    after someone called out Aaron Hernandez's
    name ...
    Someone at the Gold Roc Diner shouted "Hey,
    Aaron Hernandez" after seeing a man the
    person thought looked like the former Patriots
    star and Bristol native who was charged with
    murder last week, police said. A fight broke
    out, and two of the three people who were
    arrested as a result told police that they had
    been sitting with DJ Hernandez, Aaron
    Hernandez's brother.
    Two of the alleged combatants and a woman
    who had been sitting at a nearby table were
    injured, police said. All declined medical
    Alberto Lopez, 30, of Blakeslee Street in
    Bristol; Jesus Agosto, 36, of Rocky Hill Avenue
    in New Britain and Thomas Miller, 30, of Iowa
    Street in Torrington were each charged with
    third-degree assault, breach of peace, and
    third-degree criminal mischief, police said.
    Each is scheduled to be arraigned in Superior
    Court in Hartford on July 11, police said.
    According to a police press release, police
    were dispatched to the Gold Roc Diner, 61
    Kane St., about 3:15 a.m. Saturday after
    getting a report of an active fight. When they
    arrived, several Hartford officers were on the
    scene helping with crowd control, police said.
    "someone thought they
    had seen Aaron Hernandez and shouted out
    'Hey, Aaron Hernandez,'" the release states.
    Someone then yelled for the person to shut
    up, and the fight started. A woman was
    punched in the face and pushed to the floor,
    and Lopez and Miller were cut on their faces,
    police said.
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    Those fans thinking about trading their Hernandez jerseys in to the Patriots shop might want to reconsider:

    USA Today:

    Aaron Hernandez jerseys are selling
    for $250 on eBay

    As disgusted Patriots fans try and unload
    Aaron Hernandez memorabilia, said
    memorabilia has become a hot item on
    eBay. A store-bought Hernandez jersey
    sold for a whopping $287 on the auction
    site this weekend. Another one,
    purchased for $50, has seen bidding rise
    to $227. The jersey pictured below has 36
    bids and is up to $207.
    Murder charges are good for the sports
    memorabilia business, it seems.
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    The Boston Globe:

    Aaron Hernandez jerseys are
    hot items on eBay

    When John Lamothe first learned that Aaron
    Hernandez was under investigation for a
    murder, he was crushed. Lamothe, who lives
    in Florida, is a huge Patriots fan, and he
    especially liked Hernandez because they had
    gone to the same school, the University of
    But when the sordid details about the case
    piled on by the day, Lamothe looked at the
    Number 81 Aaron Hernandez Patriots jersey
    in his house and knew he wanted it gone.
    “I thought about giving it to Goodwill,” he
    said, “but I didn’t think anybody would want
    So instead, he put it on eBay, the online
    auction site. “I thought I might get $15 for
    it,” he said.

    On Sunday, it sold for $289.
    One man on
    Craigslist is offering to buy “anything” related
    to Hernandez
    On eBay, heavy bidding is often driving
    prices for items well above what the sellers
    paid for them. More than 1,700 people have
    viewed a Hernandez jersey listed by Ben
    Kent, a Pats fan from Virginia Beach. The
    bidding is up to $227. He paid $50 for it.
    Lamothe said the person who bought his
    jersey told him just two things: He had
    overpaid, and he did not want his wife to
    know what he had done.
    “I can’t think of any reason why people
    would want it,” said Lynn L’Heureux of
    Oxford, whose $100 Hernandez jersey is up
    to $127 on eBay.
    Brett Iannazzo, a 16-year-old from Methuen,
    put his signed Hernandez Super Bowl jersey
    on eBay because he felt it was no longer
    worthy to be in his house, where the living
    room is painted red, silver, and blue and a
    framed Tom Brady jersey hangs on the wall.
    “I loved Hernandez. I had his rookie jersey.
    Whenever I got a double in baseball, I’d do
    his end zone dance; take out the briefcase
    and make it rain,” he said. “Now, I’m done
    with that. I’m done with him.”
    With a couple of days to go before the end of
    the auction, Iannazzo’s $100 jersey is already
    up to $142.50 on eBay.
    Brown of Wakefield... has listed a signed
    jersey that he and his 9-year-old son, Conor,
    bought last year at a charity children’s
    The jersey was one of his son’s prized
    possessions, and when news about the
    Hernandez allegations broke, Brown said he
    and his wife used it as an opportunity to talk
    to their son about sports players as role
    models, to “drive home the point that just
    because somebody is good at their job
    doesn’t mean they translate into a good
    person off the field.” ... The
    jersey is up to $127, and the plan is to use
    the money to take Conor to his first Patriots

    At Gillette Stadium on Sunday, Shawn Malloy
    of Topsfield tried to exchange his Hernandez
    jersey at the Patriots ProShop, but the jersey
    exchange is only on July 6 and 7.
    As Malloy left the shop with his wife and two
    small children, all dressed in Patriots gear,
    he said ... he is going to list it
    on eBay.
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    TMZ spoke with
    Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson who tells
    us ... Aaron has been moved from the medical
    ward at Bristol County Jail to a "Class 2 Unit" --
    where he is isolated from the general
    population. Hodgson explains, "The reason for
    this move is simply to protect him. We wouldn't
    want some inmate trying to get any notoriety by
    attempting to harm Aaron Hernandez."In his
    Class 2 unit, Hernandez is allowed 3 hours
    outside of his cell per day. Hodgson says, "He
    can have access to the phone, yard for fresh air,
    and the common room. "Hodgson says there are
    no TVs inside the common room or inside
    Aaron's cell. We're told Aaron will stay in this
    unit for at least a week -- and then officials
    reevaluate the situation and decide if they want
    to move him to a different unit. As for visitors,
    officials tell us Aaron can choose five people to
    put on a visitor list.

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