Tasmin Mitchell's alley oop to Thomas

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by pheroy, Feb 9, 2006.

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    I've been enjoying this guy's game since I've seen him play for LSU this year. He seems to have done a great job coming in and being a team player despite being one of the more celebrated recruits in last year's HS class. He really seems to understand the game well and do a lot of little things, and play very efficiently.

    A case in point -- I just have to show some love for the play he made on the alley oop to Thomas. The announcers talked about it and it was replayed, but they missed a really key thing that Taz did that made the whole thing work, and was a smarter move than your typical freshman makes (and something some of our QBs could learn from). As he pulled up at the top of the key, Taz drew the Arkansas defender in the lane away from Thomas by faking a pass to an LSU player on his right, and then he "shot" the ball in a perfect pass for Thomas to hit the alley oop. I had to rewatch it 3 times to really catch what happened (you couldn't even see it on the first camera angle), and it was just a beautiful play by Mitchell. The look afterward by Tyrus Thomas said it all.

    Of course moments later Temple's misplaced lob to Thomas which led to a more spectacular dunk got all the attention, but Mitchell's play was just so much better.

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