How does LSU finish?

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    WRONG! Dont know how old you are or what your life experience has been but you it seems make that age old mistake of misjudging the benefits of ageing. My experience is as I have gotten older there are always women looking for men except now the odds are much better. I get hit on more now than I did in college and at the risk of bragging I got hit on a lot. Yes they are not tight butted 21 year olds now but neither am I. If you are a decant guy and stay in decent shape there will be a smorgasbord of available women as long as you understand you wont be attracting 21 year old beauty queens unless they want your money.

    You probably don't believe any of this shit but in the spirit of Christmas Meaux is giving you a little free advice.

    Now go open your presents and Merry Christmas knucklehead
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    The only benefit of getting older is that you haven't already died. Being the Casanova of Boca del Vista sounds pretty depressing.
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