A Needed Win, Happy For Team, Still Some Work To Do

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by CalcoTiger, Sep 18, 2022.

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    jd isn’t going to get past his 2nd progression…. He’s just not. He doesn’t pass anyone open and just doesn’t trust his arm or the receiver….

    so, we have to lean in on his strengths while realizing had the early false starts not occurred, the offense gets in sync early…

    just get better each week… so far so good
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    We clearly have a lot of work to do, but a win is a win at this point. The reality is right now we can compete and beat middle of the road SEC teams, but we could also easily lose to them too. We're going to take some lumps this year and it's going to look really ugly at times, but I like how CBK has the players motivated to play hard until the end.

    All of my MAJOR concerns are on offense. Our OL has to continue to grow because we can't consistently win without a stable running game. Daniels can't continue to be our only running option because his body can't take the beatings that SEC teams are going to bring. Daniels has to begin to put entire games together. Right now, his accuracy needs to improve greatly, and he needs to quit staring down the receivers.

    It should be an interesting ride, but I like the direction of the team, especially when you consider CBK has been here only a few months. I can definitely see the culture beginning to change and that was his first huge hurdle to overcome.
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