Elites Warn Nation-States Not to Resist ‘Painful Global Transition’

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    The New World Order being formed right before our eyes. European elites warned nation-states not to resist the “painful transition” by holding onto their own sovereignty.

    That's their message. Do not resist.

    Any government that gives foreigners authority over its own citizens should be overthrown.
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    i was listening to NPR and one of their trillion scare mongering stories yesterday, they were talking to georgia farmers about their peach crops. the farmers didnt seem worried at all but some clown from a university was screeching. the farmers were like: "its fine and even if it warms up alot we have some slightly different peach varieties that we bred that dont care about the new weather, if it comes"

    and this speaks to our adaptability as humans, which global warming kooks never acknowledge. we will be ok. we can move to places that used to be too cold if we have to. we can invent new plants and animal hybrids and shit. we can get far more from limited farmland, and thats exactly what he have been doing since industrialization of everything, which is of course enabled by cheap fossil fuels. people thrive some siberia to the congo and every imaginable climate.

    anyways as we industrialize the global population will shrink and we will have fewer mouths to feed, if they dont die of obesity and confortable lives

    its intersting how many times we have heard that fuckin news story about how we should eat bugs. liberals love that story
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    "We could always be thinner".

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    Oh and STOP PISSING DAMMIT you are causing climate change. I want to stop pissing for a few months first then I will consider. Rex, Rockhead and Winston stops first.

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