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    Never been to that one, but I *think* my old man recorded some stuff there back in the day. I could be wrong. He played piano/keyboards for just about everyone at one time or another. Bobby Loveless, Floyd Brown, Van Broussard, Johnny Winter, Percy Sledge, you name em and he has probably played with them at one time or another.. I recorded an album at Bluff Road which was Harold Cowart's studio (a/k/;a - "Hog").. Nice guy. Kinda cool when you walk in the studio and the first thing you see is a picture of him hanging out with Paul McCartney... Those days have long passed for me but it was fun.
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    TigerDroppings has become nothing more than a trash can. They say really offensive things that I would expect from a middle school kid. Avoid that site at all cost!
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    Yes. We are nothing but highbrow here.
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    Hey now
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    Live at or in the wrong forum ? Moved out of Nashville 3 yrs ago to a small Town west of Davidson County called Holladay tn may have 5,ooo people live here . You're talking rock . Billy Gibbons and Tim Montana stopped bythe hours in Nashville it was the 2nd time I had seen him . I gave Tim a amp that a Harley rally rocker gave me . I told Billy what my friend said. Do not stand in front of this amp . You will get a 2nd hand high. In the late 70's met Dee Clarke and we were working on a new sound wanted to combine rock country blues and bluegrass with a touch of jazz in the mix. In the early 80's we started a song then he went to Atlanta and played in James Brown's club . With the help of a cute little blonde neighbors wife I finished the song in 2009 just sitting on Dee had already died . I still pick and go back to the guitar city 3 sometimes 4 a month meet with the new county as they call it . They day I and a good picker . Then I tell them about a few I have met and slide in a few 1st call pickers and tell them no I and really all that good . But they are the have the gift of talent.
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    Wow... haven't posted here in quite a long time. Things seemed to have gotten a little crazy so decided to go quiet. Return and find this post here. Did something bad happen? I mean, I saw some ribbing back and forth but guess I missed the major drama. Hope everyone is good and had a great holiday. :)
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    There are several posters here who like to be assholes. My thing is, if you can't be a decent person here and be respectful when posting, then just leave. It's that simple.
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    This thread is the reason I got back to posting on the board. Thing's had gotten nasty and not just in FSA. So I was just dropping by and trolling but not participating.

    But when KyleK started this thread people took a step back and I think realized what has been lost and that even more could be lost. So its not perfect; but its much better. So please join in.
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