College Players Getting Paid

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Bayou Bengal11, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Bayou Bengal11

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    With this new legislation being signed in California, and others like Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina introducing bills to pay college athletes, I have a quick question. If this becomes universal throughout college sports, doesnt this kill LSU? Top athletes are going to go to big markets, being that is where the money is?

    Maybe I am over thinking this.
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  2. watson1880

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    Aug 19, 2006
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    If it becomes universal, I think you are kinda correct, the major metro areas will win with deeper pockets. Los Angels, Chicago, NYC (hoops), Houston, Dallas (SMU making a comeback to the top 5), DC, Miami, San Fran/Oak, Philly and others.

    Even though I am still reading about this... A couple things... this still is against NCAA policy... schools can opt out of the NCAA, but they will lose big on the money from the conferences aligning with the NCAA. No one wants to watch USC play Cal or UCLA play SDSU in a fictional California Conference whether it is football, basketball or women's field hockey. Secondly, this will be decided by the courts which will not really effect anything, it is totally fine do pay people for their likeness, but you cannot force a university to have to pay them.

    Just another point that the NCAA is going to crack sometime because different people want to make money off the students.
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  3. LSUpride123

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    It will kill CFB period. I would imagine NFL rules will change shortly after. Some sort of pre-pro league will be formed. These kids dont even need to go to school. At least the ones that will get paid.
  4. Cajun Sensation

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    I don't think this will kill LSU football at all. Since this passed in California and if/when the legislation clears any additional challenges in the courts, then most other states will quickly adopt the same or similar laws. The NCAA as we know it will most likely die (good). LSU Football will not.

    I don't think that this legislation opens the door for big markets and their respective colleges to pay their players @watson1880, but rather it gives individual players more autonomy to make money off of their own image, jerseys, etc. LSU and others will still have proud alums, rivalries, tradition, etc. The only difference is that now if Bohn Brothers Ford, or even McDonald's wants to pay RPO Joe to star in their commercials, then Joe is free to do so and get compensated for it.
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    LOL. here is how it would go. Hey Mr 5 star athlete this is my friend (rich scmoo) if you come to our school he would love to help you with furthering your image how does 100k sound to start off. This also opens the door for managers of the kids money/image ie agents. We can"t police giving kids NO money how hard would it be keep up with paying them.

    just my opinion
  6. COTiger

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    I don't think it would kill us. Kids have a major media market just down the road in New Orleans. Plus because football is so huge all across the state they would have the ability to do ads in Lafayette, Lake Charles, Shreveport, Alexandria, etc.
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  7. seabrookcajun

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    You would have teams with star athletes making lots of money while most of the team makes comparatively little. I fail to see how this benefits the majority of athletes unless the stars share their money. Good luck making THAT happen.
  8. Kikicaca

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    California simply put is the asshole of America. This will screw up college sports. Cuck Falifornia
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  9. shane0911

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    Jan 11, 2005
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    So let's keep it simple. Where did it start? California right? Then it is by default an awful idea.
  10. uscvball

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    Smart Cajun right there.

    Exactly. Right now the money is being generated but it's going to the very corrupt and evil NCAA, the Power-5 conferences (that's where the big-name players are), the schools, the administrators.
    Regional ads would likely be the smallest aspect of revenue. It's more about allowing them to sign autographs, get the money from the sale of their jersey #, and other product endorsements like video games.
    Welcome to life. The big dog gets to eat at the bowl first!
    Fuck you. College sports are already screwed up. But not as much as you.
    Most of the time, I think that applies. This time, not so much. This conversation was inevitable. It isn't supposed to begin for 3 more years and I'm sure there will be court challenges but the amount of money that all the non-players make off the name and likeness of the players has reached absurd levels. A college student on a scholarship can make as much money on the side as they want....why are athletes any different?

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